My son started at Sundre Daycare at age 18 months, and now at almost 2 years he has learned so much! I was told yesterday that he recited the entire alphabet. He went from crying at drop-off to now crying at pick-up! He runs in the door in the morning now and has to be dragged home at the end of the day.


The staff are amazing!! My son will agree. I love hearing about his day and seeing photos. The manager is extremely quick to respond to any communications and as a parent herself, is very understanding and easy to talk to. I am encouraged to check in on him throughout the day if I like via the daycare cell phone, or ask for photos, but I haven't felt the need to do so yet as I know he is in great hands.

The facility is also amazing!! I was sold once I walked in the door. Clean, secure and full of great resources for the children. I can highly recommend Sundre Daycare to anyone looking!!

- Shona White


Our family loves the Sundre Daycare Centre! My daughter loves attending, has made many friends, and feels safe there. She has attended the daycare program and the preschool program, and she will be attending the after school program when she's older. By the age of 3, she had already learned the alphabet and how to spell her name and now, at age 4.5, she can properly identify all of the letters and can write most of them unassisted. (I haven't taught her any of that).


I also love that they get outside daily, go on fieldtrips, and learn some French in preschool! As a parent, I can choose to get involved with the board of directors, to have some input into the policies of the centre.

- Kim Free

I joined the Sundre Daycare Board of Directors when I first moved back to Sundre in November 2019. I am really pleased with all that we have accomplished during 2020 and I know that we have a lot of great things coming up. When the Daycare shut down due to Covid, we were able to come together and complete a renovation of the centre. I loved being part of the team that physically made the Daycare a better place. When you’re on the Board of Directors – that’s what you do – you make the Daycare a better place. It’s a rewarding volunteer position and I am truly proud to be part of this organization.

- Janelle Mikal