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Preschool Program


The Sundre Daycare Centre's preschool program is a dynamic, play-based education initiative designed for children ages 3 to 5. Our program focuses on preparing your child for a smooth and successful transition to Kindergarten. Through engaging activities and interactive learning experiences, we foster a love of learning, promote social skills, and encourage cognitive development. Our dedicated educators tailor the curriculum to meet the unique needs and interests of each child, ensuring they are well-equipped with the foundational skills needed for their educational journey ahead.


Our program runs on a balance of child chosen and teacher directed play-based activities.


  • How  to identify and recognize/communicate simple emotions 

  • How to hold a pencil with proper thumb to forefinger technique 

  • How to count to 50 

  • How to visually identify numbers 1-10

  • What rhyming words are, as well be able to recognize simple rhyming words

  • How to Identify/build simple patterns 

  • The seasons 

  • What opposite/comparison words are

  • How to recognize and identify all shapes 

  • How to recognize upper/lowercase letters 

  • How to associate letters with objects (A is for Apple) 

  • How to cut/glue with purpose unassisted 

  • Sight words 

  • How to classify objects based on size/shape/color 

  • How to write your first name 

  • How to draw a picture that describes an idea 

Preschool Curriculum 

We are currently at capacity! please inquire about our waitlist

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