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Our 2022/2023 

Town Of Sundre 

Mountain View County

Wesley Porttin 

RMS Plus

Sundre Royal Purple #191

We would like to thank all of our donors. The SDC is a non-profit organization and without your support we wouldn't be able to continue to provide quality, affordable and accessible care to the Sundre community. 

If you would like to more information or to become a donor click below. 

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As the SDC is a non-profit organization, we require fundraising to supplement our operational budget. Fundraising helps keep the SDC open and helps keep parent costs down.


Three Bee's Boutique

We're thrilled to announce our latest fundraiser with Three Bee’s Boutique. Three Bee’s Boutique is owned and operated by Lesley McGill, she is Sundre Daycare Board of Director's Treasurer! We invite you to participate by clicking the link below.


Mable's Lables 

Durable, Waterproof Name Labels For All Your Kid's Stuff! Safe for Laundry and Dishwashers. Helping Moms & Dads Stay Organized. 


Support your children's love of books at home and at our Centre. By using our scholastics book club when you purchase books for your little ones, you help us purchase books for our center! 

Use our classroom code when you order: RC112918


Classroom Code:

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