Valley Kids Out of School Program

What makes us a little different from the rest?

  • Accredited

  • Government subsidy available

  • Location, location, location. Inside the River Valley School!

  • Dedicated Staff

  • Lots of Community exploration

  • Fun, Monthly Themes

  • Early morning drop off (6:00 am)

  • Late evening pick up (6: 30 pm)


Part-Time vs Full-Time:


Before & After School Care $7.00 per hour

Full Day $45.00 per day (up to 10hrs; $5 per additional hour)


Before & After School Care: $310.00 per month *Includes 2 full days* (Up to 45 hours; $5 per additional hour or $35 per additional day)

Summer Time:


Hourly $7.00 per hour

Daily $45 per day (up to 10hrs; $5 per additional hour)

Weekly $200.00 per week (up to 50hrs; $5 per additional hour)

Monthly $750.00 per month (100-125hrs; $50 per additional 25hr blocks)

Punch Cards:


Ideal for Casual Care! Cards are pre-purchased for a 5-9hr day. $250.00 for Daycare/Preschool and $200.00 for Valley Kids Out of School Care ($5 per additional hour). Punch cards at not accepted nor can be used for Field Trip Days. 

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