About Us

Think. Reason. Question. Experiment. These are just a few of the skills and qualities that children will develop at Sundre Daycare Centre. Since our founding, we’ve focused on supporting kids during all transitions throughout childhood.

All activities are designed to adequately nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our kids. Through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, young children are free to develop into bright young minds. Reach out to learn more, and enroll with us today!


The Sundre Daycare Centre (SDC), Valley Kids Out of School Care (VK) and Valley Kids Preschool (VKP) are a fully licensed non-profit organization run by a board of directors. We offer programs that strive to create a standard of excellence in childcare with a focus on quality, affordable, accessible care benefiting the child, the parent and the community as a whole. We provide a fun, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that provides the basis of an enriched assortment of activities that help the child grow into a healthy, independent and unique individual.

The Sundre Daycare Centre was established as a society in May 2008. The SDC provides care for up to 45 children from 11 months through Kindergarten. Valley Kids provides out of school care for 40 children from Kindergarten to 12 years of age. We are located in the Sundre Community Centre complex, above Greenwood Neighbourhood Place. We welcome volunteers (parents, grandparents, or members of the community) to accompany our group on trips or to visit our centre and participate in reading, homework help or crafting with the kids.  Our belief is that children learn and grow through exposure to a variety of people and situations. 

All volunteers must provide a current criminal record check and complete a program orientation prior to their participation. We ​also offer discounted rates on field trips for children of volunteers ​(1 free child per volunteer).  Please contact us for more details.

Please note, we are a Peanut-Free facility!